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ABout Big t's DELI

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Tony "Big T" G and his son, Chef Michael G, welcome you to Big T’s Deli located in the Delray Beach Market.

Big T and Michael are no strangers to the food scene… Prior to moving down to Florida, Big T and his family owned a very successful restaurant in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area.  They were the recipient of the Top 100 Restaurants in the United States in 2013 by Open Table and have won numerous awards for Best Food, Best Service, and Best Experience.

In 2016, Big T and his children moved to Delray Beach with Mike jumping right back on the line. Working at restaurants in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and becoming the Sous Chef at Latitudes at the Sands Hotel.

In 2019, Mike took some time off to finish off his College education at FAU, and in 2020 returned to work with his cousin Chef Alex at Sweetwater and Death or Glory.

Big T – Tony G has been in the radio/entertainment business since 1983.  Starting as a radio DJ and in 1996 making the transition to Technical operation.  Tony spent 18 years at Nassau Broadcasting in Princeton, NJ as Sr VP of Engineering and Technology and in 2012 purchased his first restaurant. 

Always knowing he was getting back into the “Biz,” Tony was looking for the perfect opportunity.

When he found out about the Delray Beach Market, Big T knew this would be home to Big T's New York Style Deli.

We welcome you to Big T’s Deli.  Grab a chair, let’s break bread, and share some memories.

-Tony and Michael Gervasi

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